Children of the Dark (2012) 

Two young boys search for their past and struggle to survive in a world gone straight to hell.

A remarkably mood film with a deep feeling of dread and melancholy... This is not the last we’ll see from Scott Belyea.
— Larry Fessenden
...poignant, powerful and remarkably restrained.
— Atlantic Film Festival
...affecting and well-made...
— Bloody Disgusting

Director | Editor | Writer  Scott Belyea

Producer  Dave Rice 

Cinematographer  Scooter Corkle

Music Siddhartha Barnhoorn

VFX  Ryan Wehner

Production Designers | Wardrobe  Courtney Stockstad | Matt O'Mahoney 

Associate Producer  Daniel Domachowski

Starring  Skylar Tyj Felix-Honeyman | Zarton Felix-Honeyman